About Us

Fin & Feather is your one stop shop for all your Freshwater Fish and Small Pet needs. We specialize in fish, reptiles, small birds, and a vast array of cuddly critters! We also carry a selection of aquariums, cages, foods, bedding and other supplies. Don't forget about live feed! We are a Husband and Wife team, whose passion is for the animals and will exceed over any big box chain out there! Our goal is to provide excellent husbandry for all pet- big or small, flying or swimming!

Our inventory is ALWAYS rotating so come by the store or give us a ring. Are you a local breeder? Email us to see what we can do to work together and keep small business alive! We also are going to our fishery and vendors to handpick our pets every other month. Just another way to assure quality of life for those in our store.

  • Fins

    We've got all your in demand freshwater fish inculding several Community species like Mollys and Platys, Semi-Agressive like Barbs and Rainbows, to Aggressive species like Cichlids, Oscars and Eels. We also carry an exclusive line of food called NorthFin which is as natural as you can get with NO land based ingredients.

  • Feathers

    We are now doing some in house breeding of small birds to provide you hand tamed feathered friends. Parakeets, Finches, Love Birds and Cockatiels. Often times the summer months are best breeding times for our birds so keep a look out!

  • Reptiles

    We have the coolest Bearded Dragons around, various Geckos, Ball Pythons, Boas, Iguanas and more! We love to carry your basic morphs up to high end morphs for several species. As well as live feed like Crickets, Roaches, and Mealworms.

  • Fur

    Hand raised hamsters bred in house, Marshall Ferrets, Guinea Pigs, small breed Bunnies, Mice and Rats. We like to source locally to provide our little ones with a happy and healthy life, and breed in house when we can.

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Feel free to to send us a message with any questions, or recommendations.